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David Parish
119 Main Street, Geneseo, New York 14454

The Geneseo Village and Town Historian is responsible for collecting, researching, and education related to Geneseo’s rich heritage. Current projects include completing the latest book in the History of Geneseo series.

The Village’s collection holds over 10,000 documents and books, some of which are helpful for genealogists.

The following books about Geneseo’s history are available for reading at the Livingston County Historical Society (30 Center Street) and for sale at the Geneseo Village Office, 119 Main Street:

Lily of the Valley
A History of Geneseo 1790-1850. By David W. Parish, edited by Chuck Lyons.
Cornelia’s Worlds; A History of Geneseo, 1850-1900
By David W. Parish, edited by Chuck Lyons.
Big Tree Tales
210 Years of Geneseo History, 1790-2000. By David W. Parish, Edited by Chuck Lyons. $15.00
Terrible Tales, Livingston Geneseo Ghosts and Livingston Legends
By David W. Parish
Includes 130 area ghost stories, legends and terrible tales dating from the early 19th century to the present. Includes at least one story relating to each of 15 Livingston localities. $15.00. Can be purchased at the Town of Geneseo Office (Millenium Drive) or the Village of Geneseo Office (119 Main street).