Geneseo, New York - A great place to visit, raise a family or retire

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The Genesee Valley Conservancy, a non-profit land trust, conserves some of our important natural resources and strengthens connections between people and the land in the Genesee River watershed.

The Conservancy owns three nature preserves, open to the public year-round for outdoor recreation such as hiking and canoeing, and hosts educational lectures and walks on protected property.

Geocaching is a wonderful OUTDOOR activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt with over 2 Million sites hidden all over the world. Many objects are hidden in and around Geneseo. It's an any time, any place, any day activity.

To get started, go to and create a free account. Then you can choose a geocache to find and navigate to its location using a GPS device or a smart phone.

Some Local Caches

There are many more caches in and around Geneseo. Just register on their site to see them.